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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The What, How and Whys Of Diamond Bridal Sets

Engagements and weddings are of course, one of the most important times in a couple’s life. Choosing rings is right up on the top of the important list when it comes to the details.

Most likely, the rings that are chosen will be forever and the couple should take time to choose rings that fit their personalities, their way of life, their feelings and, yes, their budget. A couple should always look into the idea of diamond bridal sets. Diamond bridal sets are very popular and this can be a great way to go in regards to rings.

What can be more important than the rings of the bride and groom? This element is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to engagements and weddings. While some may only think of the female’s ring in regard to weddings, it must be noted that the groom will be wearing his ring forever as well. The husband must have a ring that he feels comfortable in, that reflects his style and one that he feels symbolizes the union he has with his wife. For those who truly wish to express unity in regard to their rings, diamond bridal sets are the way to go.

What is a diamond bridal set, you may ask. It is a set of rings that has a diamond engagement ring that fits with and perfectly matches and compliments a wedding band. In many cases, the engagement ring will intertwine with the wedding band; thus truly making it a perfect set. With a diamond bridal set, the wedding band quite often has diamonds in it as well; this way the two rings blend together with harmony.

Another type of a diamond bridal set is one with three rings. The engagement ring, the bride’s wedding band and the husband’s wedding band will all match together. What better way to express the unity of the marriage! The bride and groom can feel the peace of knowing that even when apart, their rings are blended to fit together. When standing as a couple, they will match elegantly. And the lucky couple will have something that they share. Since the bride will be consumed with her wedding dress and the groom with other aspects; the one element that the couple can share their opinions on and unite together is in choosing a diamond bridal set that they both love.

When a couple is choosing a diamond bridal set, they should always keep the four C’s in mind. It has been said many times before, but is very well worth repeating: The four C’s will keep a couple focused on choosing the perfect rings for them. The four C’s stand for clarity, color, cut and carats. Each is explained below.

The color of a diamond must be considered. You can have the largest diamond ring in the town, but do you really want a yellow one? We are guessing no. The color of a diamond can be natural or it can be manipulated by science. Most people will want a bright and shiny clear diamond with no flaws.
This is also where clarity comes in. The clarity of a diamond refers to how clear it is. Does the diamond have any clouds in it? Does it have shading? The more perfect a diamond, the more rare that diamond is. Some choose to give up a bit of clarity to make way for carats. Many flaws can not be seen with the naked eye and a couple will want to go with a larger carat.

Carat will refer to the weight of the diamond. There are no written guidelines, however most couples will want the diamond to be large enough to be seen well. It is all a personal choice as is the cut of a diamond.


  1. we didn't do a diamond bridal set, but i like what you have to say about them. my fiance's uncle made my engagement ring. we definitely followed the 4 Cs.

    thanks for following my blog.