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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heart Pendent In Sterling Silver

Love is in the air ! A beautiful heart pendent is crafted in stunning silver weighing approximately 5.4 gm. The pendent come with a 18 rope chain crafted in sterling silver . The pendent measures approximately 1 inch x 1.5 inches...

Dimension Information:

Length : 25 mm
Width : 13 mm

Metal Information:

Type : Platinum plated sterling silver
Weight : 3.4 gm

Pendent Information:

Chain Length : 18 inch
Cut : Very Good & Lovely
Size : 2.00 mm
Number Of Stones : 25
Quality : AA+1

Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Gold Pendents

This is Allah Name Gold Pendents.This is very beautyfull and very lovely look.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Diamond Rings

Today my wife and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. I believe that is something to take pride in and I count it as a great accomplishment made possible by the grace of our Lord. read more

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diamond Bracelets, A Girls Best Friend

There seems to be a few types of gifts that just seem to say I love you better than other ones. Sure you can try a lot of different things, but too often it turns out to be a swing and a miss. However, when you go with diamond bracelets you cannot go wrong. Diamond bracelets are loved buy just about all women all over the world.

Many people think that diamond bracelets just come in one color (diamond). However, you will see that these great bracelets can come it all different shades and styles. That makes it easy to pick out the one that is perfect for your girl.

If you are looking for that special gift to get the girl you love then you have to go with diamond bracelets. Now some people think that bracelets are not as meaningful as other types of jewelry, and I disagree with that. I think that diamond bracelets show that you care more than a diamond ring. If you look at the difference in price between diamond bracelets and diamond rings you will see what I am talking about. See diamond bracelets cost a lot more because there are a lot more diamonds in them. There is just a lot more work that goes into making a bracelet than a ring. As you can see, this type of gift is perfect for just about any girl you can think of. Also, you do not have to worry about your wife’s diamond bracelet looking like anyone else’s, and that is because there are a lot of different styles out there.

If you are like me then you may think that diamond bracelets are all the same. That may have been true back in the day, but now all these bracelets are a lot different than the other ones. In fact, you can change up everything from the style to the color of the diamond. That is right, white is not the only color diamonds come in anymore. In fact, if you are loaded with money you could spring for the pink diamonds which are some of the most expensive diamonds in the world. You cannot go wrong when you buy a girl diamonds. Of course, some people do not like to buy diamonds because stores over charge for them. In fact, if you know how much they were getting the diamond jewelry for you would want to know why you have to pay so much for it. Of course, you cannot get the goods without paying that price so there is not much you can do about it.

Diamond bracelets are a great way to say I love you, hands down. There is not much that can top getting your wife diamond bracelets. So really that is the only deal breaker about getting that special someone diamond bracelets. Whenever you get them one you are going to have a hard time outdoing yourself next year. In fact, you are going to have a hard time just getting something that is just as good as the gift you got her the year before. However, if you can live with that then the diamond bracelets are the way to go. I am sure that anyone you get one of these bracelets for is just going to love it. Now it is going to set you back a lot of money, but to see the look on their face is worth it, if you ask me. I love to make people smile, and diamonds make that easy.

The What, How and Whys Of Diamond Bridal Sets

Engagements and weddings are of course, one of the most important times in a couple’s life. Choosing rings is right up on the top of the important list when it comes to the details.

Most likely, the rings that are chosen will be forever and the couple should take time to choose rings that fit their personalities, their way of life, their feelings and, yes, their budget. A couple should always look into the idea of diamond bridal sets. Diamond bridal sets are very popular and this can be a great way to go in regards to rings.

What can be more important than the rings of the bride and groom? This element is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to engagements and weddings. While some may only think of the female’s ring in regard to weddings, it must be noted that the groom will be wearing his ring forever as well. The husband must have a ring that he feels comfortable in, that reflects his style and one that he feels symbolizes the union he has with his wife. For those who truly wish to express unity in regard to their rings, diamond bridal sets are the way to go.

What is a diamond bridal set, you may ask. It is a set of rings that has a diamond engagement ring that fits with and perfectly matches and compliments a wedding band. In many cases, the engagement ring will intertwine with the wedding band; thus truly making it a perfect set. With a diamond bridal set, the wedding band quite often has diamonds in it as well; this way the two rings blend together with harmony.

Another type of a diamond bridal set is one with three rings. The engagement ring, the bride’s wedding band and the husband’s wedding band will all match together. What better way to express the unity of the marriage! The bride and groom can feel the peace of knowing that even when apart, their rings are blended to fit together. When standing as a couple, they will match elegantly. And the lucky couple will have something that they share. Since the bride will be consumed with her wedding dress and the groom with other aspects; the one element that the couple can share their opinions on and unite together is in choosing a diamond bridal set that they both love.

When a couple is choosing a diamond bridal set, they should always keep the four C’s in mind. It has been said many times before, but is very well worth repeating: The four C’s will keep a couple focused on choosing the perfect rings for them. The four C’s stand for clarity, color, cut and carats. Each is explained below.

The color of a diamond must be considered. You can have the largest diamond ring in the town, but do you really want a yellow one? We are guessing no. The color of a diamond can be natural or it can be manipulated by science. Most people will want a bright and shiny clear diamond with no flaws.
This is also where clarity comes in. The clarity of a diamond refers to how clear it is. Does the diamond have any clouds in it? Does it have shading? The more perfect a diamond, the more rare that diamond is. Some choose to give up a bit of clarity to make way for carats. Many flaws can not be seen with the naked eye and a couple will want to go with a larger carat.

Carat will refer to the weight of the diamond. There are no written guidelines, however most couples will want the diamond to be large enough to be seen well. It is all a personal choice as is the cut of a diamond.

Purchase Ceylon Sapphire Rings With Utmost Care

The gemstone of sapphire for centuries has been regarded as an emblem of symbolized truth, authenticity, devotion, and faithfulness. It is true that in many countries sapphire happens to be the most desirable engagement gem because of its symbolism. There is also another possible reason, the bestower often has an aspiration to endow his affianced with those very same qualities, and these all have made the saga of Ceylon sapphire rings highly acclaimed in the global spectrum.

In this respect it is better to remember that the sapphires are found in the specific locations of Thailand, India, Ceylon, Burma Vietnam, Brazil, Australia and Africa. But among these the Ceylon sapphire rings have their own elegances making themselves highly precious in the international market.

Now when we are discussing of the Ceylon sapphire rings before that it is necessary for us to be crystal clear of the gemstone of sapphire, which has its origin in the Hebrew word “Sapir”. There is a strange conception among the majority of people that in all circumstances the ideal color of a sapphire would be blue, which in the best sense is wrong. Indeed there is the presence of various colors and for that a sapphire ring can be in a variety of colors, which is comprised of purple, green and yellow.

Now you may want to know what has then made the Ceylon sapphire rings highly expensive. In this esteem at the outset it should be kept in mind that sapphires happen to be the perfect gem for rings since they are extremely durable and almost as tough as a diamond. As a result if you purchase Ceylon sapphire rings you will be rest assured that it can withstand more than the other prevalent gemstones. But which color you are going to prefer depends on your financial strength. Bear in mind that a purple colored sapphire ring often costs less than the traditional blue sapphire ring. But that is not all since the very shape of the sapphire affects the cost and most often the round sapphires come out as more costly than the pear cut or marquis. As a result when you are destined to purchase the Ceylon sapphire rings it will be wise for you to make a budget in advance.

Well, there are also other ways to get hold of the Ceylon sapphire rings in the present age. You can easily take the help of the Internet for the sake of having some ideas of the very style you are looking for. Also contemplate with all attention about the person who will be wearing the ring to make sure she will be happy with what she receives. Therefore, have a consultation with all the proficient persons in this domain, solicit recommendations from friends and family, and also be definite that the dealer is willing to spend some time with you and listen to your requirements before you part with your money, or else you may suffer. However, according to many it is better to make your purchase through the Internet.

In view of that if you prefer the online technology to purchase the Ceylon sapphire rings, at the very outset make sure that there is the presence of a viable return policy and you shall be able to return the ring if it does not suit your desire. In addition, be conscious that no costs are incurred if this ever happens making it easy for you to return the Ceylon sapphire rings. Lastly, be confident to keep all necessary documents and copies of any emails or correspondence once the payment has been made.

Charm Can Be A Unique And Fun Gift For Any Occasion

If you have to purchase a gift for an upcoming holiday or any other event you may want to keep the idea of getting a charm in mind. A charm themed gift can really be the gift that keeps on giving and it can be a way to give someone a great gift year after year.

So if you are looking for that gift for the person that is hard to buy for consider the gift of a charm and with the many different kinds of charms out there your selection is vast and the results could be wonderful and unique.

There is always that time when you ask yourself what you should get the person that seems to have everything. The answers to these questions always seem to present themselves is some very unique ways. One of the gifts you can get the person that seems to have everything is the gift that you can keep adding to for many years to come. This gift is probably going to be more effective on women than men but there are male versions of this gift available and you never know how people will react to any gift until you try. Have you ever given any thought to a charm gift? There are charm bracelets, charm necklaces, and even charm belts. It is an excellent gift especially if you know someone that collects things or has an interest in a musical group or sports team.

The first step is to get them the charm bracelet, necklace, or belt. This all depends on what the person prefers to wear. If they won’t wear a bracelet then you probably are not going to be able to break them into that habit with a charm bracelet. But if they really love wearing necklaces then you can probably do yourself a huge favor by getting them a necklace. Try and get them a charm necklace, bracelet, or belt that either matches the various types of charms you plan on getting them or is at least in their favorite color or pattern. If you intend to get a lot of sports charms then try and match the necklace, bracelet, or belt up with their favorite team colors. Also try and match it to their personality. If they like wearing necklaces but they are not into large necklaces then make sure you buy the right kind.

Beautiful Men’s Gold Rings

Gold rings started to gain popularity among men during the Second World War, when these rings became the preferred choice for weddings. Today, men’s gold rings are one of the most popular jewelry items among men of various age categories. Besides weddings, men’s gold rings are worn on occasions like engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and other celebrations.

Available in a variety of designs, gold rings vary in prices according to the purity of the gold used, the size of the ring, and the value of any other embellishments like gemstones used in the item. While buying a gold ring, men need to take care of some basic points that help in selecting the more appropriate gold ring for them.

Gold rings are not only the prime choice of women but also of a large number of men who like to wear jewelry. Whether plain or adorned with gems, men’s gold rings are highly preferred for wearing on occasions like weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. They also make great gifts for such occasions. That is why they have gained wide popularity among men of different age groups.

Men’s gold rings may consist entirely of solid gold or they may be plated with gold while composed essentially of some other metal like silver or an alloy like stainless steel. Besides diamonds, gold rings for men may carry a variety of precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, zircon, and topaz etc. Most of the men buying gem-carrying gold rings prefer to pick one with their birthstone.

On the whole, men’s gold rings are comparatively larger in size and less ornate in design than women’s gold rings. Most men particularly like gold rings with engraved initials of their names. However, the size and design of the ring varies according to individual taste. Some men prefer white gold and others like to pick pure yellow gold. The purity of gold is measured in karats, the purest gold being 24 karats (100% gold). Gold used in making gold rings for weddings is usually 9, 14, or 18 karats. Engagement gold rings for men generally carry a stone in the middle of the ring.

Bachelors, on the average, are less inclined to wearing gold rings than married men, except in cases of using fraternal or sports rings. So choosing a gold ring for a man may take more time and care. Durability and comfort are important to consider besides the ring’s look. It is better that a man tries a gold ring in the ring finger of both his hands so as to get a better feel of the item. Men who use their hands against hard material should take rings of greater strength. Pure gold is therefore not a good choice for them since it is soft. The price of men’s gold rings varies according to the purity, size, and design of the ring. In case of rings with gems, the price also depends on the value of the stone(s).

The life of a gold ring depends on the ring’s own quality of composition as well as on the care exercised in its use. God rings should be taken off while doing certain works, especially one in which rigorous use of hands is involved, e.g. gardening or general physical labor. Also, rings should not be worn during swimming or other sports that may cause the ring to wear out. It is better to keep a ring holder to store the gold ring when it is not being used.