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Friday, July 16, 2010

Things You Should Know About Black Titanium Rings

Unlike rings made of other metals, titanium rings can come in different colors. Black is the most popular alternative to the standard metallic gray. Titanium’s natural color is a medium gray or grayish white hue, but by creating an alloy with various rare earth metals, that color can be deepened to a charcoal or ebony shade.

Black Titanium Rings

Black Titanium Rings

Black titanium rings come in many different designs and can have inlays of other metals and precious stone settings. Black titanium color in such a way that it will not scratch, chip, or fade, ensuring that the color will last a lifetime.

To making black titanium is unlike many metal coatings with adding a black layer on the top, but changing the composition of the metal’s top layers of the titanium. With this method, Titanium colored will not chip, fade, or peel, and will remain biocompatible with human skin. Before buying it, it is important that shoppers find out how a ring is color because some methods are not a reliable.

As black titanium becomes more popular and sought after for contemporary engagement rings, jewelers are creating a wider variety of engagement ring designs using this unique metal, both with gemstones and as elegant bands. For inlayed in its design, Black titanium rings can have other metal. To great effect, metals like platinum and yellow gold can also be used to black titanium ring with an inlay of white gold for particularly stunning. To create a unique multicolored ring made purely of titanium, gray titanium can be mix with black titanium. Diamonds or other precious stones may also have settings for black titanium rings.

Black titanium rings are a superb choice to highlight gemstones, the stark contrast between the black metal and the brilliant white of a high quality diamond makes an eye-popping statement of sophistication and beauty. Semi precious gemstones and colored diamonds are also popular choices for black titanium rings because of that brilliant contrast and the unexpected color combination. Black titanium and gemstone designs include tension settings either perpendicular or diagonal to the ring band, split shank rings that lead to a larger center stone, tiffany or prong settings welded onto the titanium band, and scatter settings with multiple gems spaced around the ring. Grooves, inlays, and other metallic details to help highlight the band as well as the stone.

For a band, many couples choose simple bands and forgo using gemstones at all because a black titanium engagement ring is so distinctive by itself. The remarkable color of the ring is unusual and can be further enhanced by a variety of design innovations, such as: grooves around the circumference of the ring, varying ring widths for men or women, contrasting inlays of different metals or colors, carved designs such as Celtic patterns, initials, Claddaghs, or other symbols, and square or rounded edges.

For buyers looking for something unconventional yet beautiful, these rings can be use as wedding or engagement rings.


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