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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beautiful Men’s Gold Rings

Gold rings started to gain popularity among men during the Second World War, when these rings became the preferred choice for weddings. Today, men’s gold rings are one of the most popular jewelry items among men of various age categories. Besides weddings, men’s gold rings are worn on occasions like engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and other celebrations.

Available in a variety of designs, gold rings vary in prices according to the purity of the gold used, the size of the ring, and the value of any other embellishments like gemstones used in the item. While buying a gold ring, men need to take care of some basic points that help in selecting the more appropriate gold ring for them.

Gold rings are not only the prime choice of women but also of a large number of men who like to wear jewelry. Whether plain or adorned with gems, men’s gold rings are highly preferred for wearing on occasions like weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. They also make great gifts for such occasions. That is why they have gained wide popularity among men of different age groups.

Men’s gold rings may consist entirely of solid gold or they may be plated with gold while composed essentially of some other metal like silver or an alloy like stainless steel. Besides diamonds, gold rings for men may carry a variety of precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, zircon, and topaz etc. Most of the men buying gem-carrying gold rings prefer to pick one with their birthstone.

On the whole, men’s gold rings are comparatively larger in size and less ornate in design than women’s gold rings. Most men particularly like gold rings with engraved initials of their names. However, the size and design of the ring varies according to individual taste. Some men prefer white gold and others like to pick pure yellow gold. The purity of gold is measured in karats, the purest gold being 24 karats (100% gold). Gold used in making gold rings for weddings is usually 9, 14, or 18 karats. Engagement gold rings for men generally carry a stone in the middle of the ring.

Bachelors, on the average, are less inclined to wearing gold rings than married men, except in cases of using fraternal or sports rings. So choosing a gold ring for a man may take more time and care. Durability and comfort are important to consider besides the ring’s look. It is better that a man tries a gold ring in the ring finger of both his hands so as to get a better feel of the item. Men who use their hands against hard material should take rings of greater strength. Pure gold is therefore not a good choice for them since it is soft. The price of men’s gold rings varies according to the purity, size, and design of the ring. In case of rings with gems, the price also depends on the value of the stone(s).

The life of a gold ring depends on the ring’s own quality of composition as well as on the care exercised in its use. God rings should be taken off while doing certain works, especially one in which rigorous use of hands is involved, e.g. gardening or general physical labor. Also, rings should not be worn during swimming or other sports that may cause the ring to wear out. It is better to keep a ring holder to store the gold ring when it is not being used.


  1. I like this design very much. Its too good. I too have a ring same like this.

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